10 Sustainable Slippers for Conscious Earth Lovers: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Comfort

Published on August 22nd, 2023 by Brett Knighton

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Are you an Earth-loving individual who cherishes cozy moments at home? Are you looking for house shoes that double in comfort and sustainability? Well, your search ends here. Give your feet a treat and do your part for the planet with these 10 sustainable slipper brands!

Crafted with care from natural and recycled materials, these eco-friendly house shoes help reduce your carbon footprint and offer a stylish and ethical way to relax and unwind. Plus, their durable construction means they'll last longer than traditional slippers, saving both resources and your wallet.

But what makes a slipper truly sustainable? How can you be confident that your purchase reflects your values? Join us as we explore the top-rated brands dedicated to producing sustainable slippers your feet will love.

Whether you're looking for chic sets to go with your sustainable pajamas or seeking ethical slipper brands to give the gift of sustainability to family or friends, we’re here to help you find the perfect pair that aligns with your eco-conscious lifestyle.

Best Eco-Friendly House Shoes

Dooeys Sustainable Slippers and House Shoes


Plastic Bottle Lining

Cork Insole

Vegan Apple Leather

Best Handcrafted Wool Slippers

Baabuk Wool Sustainable Slippers


Artisan Craftsmanship

Swiss Design

Sustainable Wool

Best Slippers for Year-Round Comfort

SueHo Design Year-Round Slippers


Upcycled Elegance

Unique Designs

Sustainable Style

Best Bedroom Slippers for Vegans

Pudus Vegan and Sustainable Slippers


Vegan Luxury

Chic Designs

Cozy Memory Foam

Best Sustainable and Custom Slippers

Camper Customizable Sustainable Slippers


Material Innovations

Lifetime Guarantees

Customizable Options

What Makes a Slipper Sustainable?

So, you're on the hunt for the perfect pair of sustainable slippers, but what exactly does 'sustainable' mean in this context? Well, for slippers to be considered truly sustainable, they need to excel in areas beyond just their appearance. It's more about the materials that the slipper companies use to make them, their manufacturing process, the ethical practices employed in their everyday business, and even the packaging they come in.

They need to represent a commitment to the Earth and future generations. Let's explore these key components that define what eco-friendly slippers really are:


Traditional footwear often relies on materials that can have a negative impact on our environment. The most common slipper materials used include synthetic fibers, plastics, or chemically treated fabrics.

Many companies that haven't made the shift to more eco-friendly materials continue to use these conventional choices, overlooking the importance and value of sustainable alternatives.

In contrast, brands that make these sustainable slippers emphasize the use of natural and recycled materials. Whether it's organic slippers designed for everyday comfort or wool slippers crafted to warm your feet on colder nights, the focus is on environmental responsibility.

Part of this commitment includes producing slippers without harmful chemicals. By using non-toxic substances, these brands not only contribute to the well-being of the planet but also ensure a healthier choice for individual wearers.

Manufacturing Process

Sustainability goes beyond the finished product; it's embedded in the process. Ethical slippers are born from fair trade practices, compassionate working conditions, and responsible sourcing.

It's a holistic approach that ensures the journey from raw materials to your feet is as pure as the intention behind it.

Environmental Impact

Reducing waste, minimizing pollution, and embracing eco-friendly practices are all integral components of the core design philosophy behind sustainable slippers. This approach transforms fashion into a force for good, reflecting a commitment to caring for the Earth.


Trust is built on transparency, and certifications offer that clarity. Look for eco-labels and global standards that validate sustainability claims. These badges of honor are your assurance that you're walking the talk of responsible living.

When it comes to sustainable footwear, every stitch, every fiber, and every choice matters. It's about making conscious decisions, understanding the difference between durable slippers and disposable ones, and recognizing the value of eco friendly slippers that also align with ethical principles.

10 Sustainable Slipper Brands

While it's always recommended to maximize the use of products you already own, the 10 brands listed below make investing in new house slippers worth it. Whether it's for the conscious consumer that prioritizes the use of recycled materials or for those that are looking for fair and ethical slippers built to last, these companies design their slippers with sustainability in mind. Each brand delivers top-quality, comfortable slippers that benefit both your feet and the environment.

Leading the charge in sustainable footwear, these brands not only utilize eco-friendly materials but also embrace fair trade practices. By choosing their products, you're getting a cozy pair of slippers and supporting businesses committed to making a positive global impact.

Their dedication extends beyond just making slippers, as they aim to transform the standards of the shoe industry with a focus on environmental responsibility and ethical practices.

So, whether you're in search of good quality slippers for cold weather comfort or a versatile pair that's suitable for both indoors and out, these sustainable slipper brands are worth considering.

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1. Dooeys

Best Eco-Friendly House Shoes

Dooeys Sustainable Slippers and House Shoes Dooeys Sustainable Slippers and House Shoes Dooeys Sustainable Slippers and House Shoes Dooeys Sustainable Slippers and House Shoes
Images by Dooeys

Dooeys has revolutionized the concept of house shoes with their unique "slipshoes". This innovative design combines the support of a shoe with the coziness of a slipper, offering the best of both worlds for comfort and stability.

Ethically produced in Portugal, Dooeys is deeply committed to sustainability. Their slipshoes are crafted from plant-based and recycled materials, including apple leather and sugarcane EVA in their soles.

This dedication to the environment ensures that you can look and feel good with every step, knowing that your footwear is eco-friendly. With free carbon-neutral shipping on every order and a commitment to offsetting carbon emissions, Dooeys stands as the best slipper brand for eco-conscious consumers.

Their range of house loafers and mules is soft, cozy, and supportive, making them ideal for various floor types. These qualities rank them among the best sustainable slippers to wear around the house.

Learn more about their sustainability initiatives here.

2. Baabuk

Best Handcrafted Wool Slippers

Baabuk Wool Sustainable Slippers Baabuk Wool Sustainable Slippers Baabuk Wool Sustainable Slippers Baabuk Wool Sustainable Slippers
Images by Baabuk

Baabuk is a brand that celebrates the timeless appeal of wool. By blending traditional methods with modern styles, they create footwear that's both comfortable and sustainable.

Designed in Switzerland and crafted in Nepal and Portugal, their slippers are top-rated for their cozy feel. But they offer more than just comfort; they're washable, water-resistant, fire-resistant, and odor-free.

These qualities enhance the longevity of the wool, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Baabuk also sources sustainable materials locally and responsibly manages natural resources.

Their B-Corp certification reflects a balance between purpose and profit, and they strive to do what's right for customers, employees, and the planet.

With their recycling buy-back program, they offer an environmentally friendly way to dispose of pre-loved products, furthering their commitment to sustainability.

Learn more about their sustainability initiatives here.

3. SueHo

Best Slippers for Year-Round Comfort

SueHo Design Year-Round Slippers SueHo Design Year-Round Slippers SueHo Design Year-Round Slippers SueHo Design Year-Round Slippers
Images by SueHo Design

SueHo Design, based in Strasbourg, France, offers a unique collection of year-round slippers that perfectly blend comfort, style, and sustainability.

Handcrafted from recycled post-consumer materials like denim and natural leather, these slippers provide a lightweight and barefoot-like experience, suitable for all seasons.

The integrated elastic band ensures a secure fit and the minimalist design appeals to modern aesthetics. What sets SueHo apart is its commitment to eco-conscious living.

By using recycled materials in their slippers and maintaining eco-friendly production practices, the brand is able to turn post-consumer fast-fashion waste into beautiful, upcycled, wearable art. This showcases the forward-thinking and innovation of SueHo.

Customers praise these slippers for being warm enough for winter yet light enough for summer, reflecting their versatility.

Each pair is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting a human touch that resonates with those looking to make responsible fashion choices. SueHo Design's slippers stand out as the best year-round sustainable option.

Learn more about their sustainability initiatives here.

4. Gumbies

Best Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

Gumbies Indoor/Outdoor Slippers Gumbies Indoor/Outdoor Slippers Gumbies Indoor/Outdoor Slippers Gumbies Indoor/Outdoor Slippers
Images by Gumbies

Gumbies is a brand that appeals to the adventurous spirit, crafting unique slippers from recycled and natural materials. They offer two distinct styles: the Brumby Slipper Boots and the Outback Slippers, each designed with comfort, style, and sustainability in mind.

The Brumby Slipper Boots are perfect for those who enjoy the indoor/outdoor lifestyle, featuring an ultra-snug design that allows you to stay cozy at home or venture outside.

On the other hand, the Outback Slippers extend comfort beyond the back door. What sets Gumbies apart is their commitment to environmental impact.

Since March 2021, they've planted a mangrove tree or recovered plastic from the ocean for every item purchased. This has led to significant environmental contributions, including the planting of thousands of trees and the recovery of tons of ocean plastic.

Gumbies' dedication to using recycled and natural materials aligns perfectly with the values of individuals seeking eco-friendly slippers suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Learn more about their sustainability initiatives here.

5. Kyrgies

Best Slippers for All Ages

Kyrgies Sustainable Slippers Kyrgies Sustainable Slippers Kyrgies Sustainable Slippers Kyrgies Sustainable Slippers
Images by Kyrgies

Kyrgies is a brand that resonates with the essence of sustainability and comfort, offering a range of slippers for all ages. Crafted with love in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, their products are made from special Kyrgyz wool, which is not only beautiful but also sustainable.

The wool used in their slippers is Oeko-tex certified, and the sheep are all mulesed-free, honoring a traditional way of life passed down through generations.

Kyrgies' commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of vegetable-tanned leather and wool felting processes that employ organic materials. They also focus on reducing waste through minimal packaging and reusing wool scraps.

Part of their sustainability mission includes memberships like 1% for the Planet, where they donate to environmental causes. Kyrgies also promotes the resale of gently used products through platforms like Treet, encouraging a cyclical fashion future.

But what truly sets Kyrgies apart is their ethical approach. Each slipper is hand-made, showcasing Kyrgies' deep-rooted connection between the Kyrgyz artisans and the sheep they raise.

This relationship reflects a commitment to fair trade practices, supporting local craftspeople, and upholding environmental standards.

With a range of products that cater to various tastes and needs, Kyrgies ensures that every family member can find a pair of slippers that's a step towards a cozier and more responsible lifestyle.

Learn more about their sustainability initiatives here.

6. Pudus

Best Vegan Bedroom Slippers for Women

Pudus Vegan and Sustainable Slippers Pudus Vegan and Sustainable Slippers Pudus Vegan and Sustainable Slippers Pudus Vegan and Sustainable Slippers
Images by Pudus

Pudus Lifestyle Co. stands as a beacon of comfort and sustainability, earning its reputation as the best vegan slipper brand. Based in British Columbia, Canada, Pudus crafts womens bedroom slippers that are not only cozy and stylish but also a testament to kindness towards animals and the environment.

Their collection, ranging from summer slippers to cottontail flip-flops, house slippers, and elegant ballerina slippers, is designed with a commitment to vegan principles.

Utilizing sustainable and recycled materials such as soft faux Cashmere and famous faux-fur Sherpa lining, Pudus ensures that every product aligns with their PETA-approved, animal-friendly values.

The brand's dedication to cruelty-free practices and environmental stewardship is woven into every fiber of their slippers. They carefully source the best vegan materials, creating products that offer cozy comfort without compromising ethical standards.

Pudus is more than just a family-run business; it's a lifestyle choice that invites you to experience unparalleled comfort and responsible living.

If you're looking for slippers that embody style, sustainability, and a touch of luxury, Pudus is the brand that sets the standard. Their range of options is not just a step towards a cozier way of living; it's a stride towards embracing the best in vegan, sustainable comfort.

Learn more about their sustainability initiatives here.

7. Allbirds

Best Breathable Slippers

Allbirds Sustainable Slippers Allbirds Sustainable Slippers Allbirds Sustainable Slippers Allbirds Sustainable Slippers
Images by Allbirds

Allbirds, a brand synonymous with comfort and innovation, has established itself as the go-to choice for breathable slippers. Their collection includes two standout products: the Wool Loungers and the Tree Loungers.

The Wool Loungers, made from gentle ZQ Merino wool, are designed for various activities such as walking, wearing in cooler climates, or simply for daily use. Their warm and snug fit, combined with a sleek design and cushioned midsole, ensures a comfortable experience.

The Tree Loungers, constructed with eucalyptus tree fiber obtained through responsible sourcing, stand out for their airy and lightweight feel. Their texture is smooth and refreshing, making them a perfect choice for those seeking comfort on warmer days or during physical activities.

Allbirds proudly wears its dedication to sustainability. They creatively incorporate ethically sourced wool and unique materials, such as their "SweetFoam" midsoles crafted from Brazilian sugarcane. These innovative choices reflect their commitment to the environment.

From the soon-to-be-released M0.0NSHOT, the world's first net-zero carbon shoe, to establishing a resale marketplace for gently used products, Allbirds continually emphasizes responsible practices in all of their products.

Learn more about their sustainability initiatives here.

8. EMU Australia

Best Slippers for Natural Comfort

EMU Australia Sustainable Slippers AEMU Australia Sustainable Slippers EMU Australia Sustainable Slippers EMU Australia Sustainable Slippers
Images by EMU Australia

EMU Australia, with 25 years of expertise, crafts luxurious footwear using renewable materials like Australian wool and sheepskin. Their men's collection, featuring plush sheepskin in styles like moccasins and slides, offers versatile comfort for both indoor and outdoor wear.

The women's collection, equally impressive, includes cozy slippers inspired by the Australian landscape, made from soft materials like suede and sheepskin.

They avoid fast fashion trends, putting their focus on long-lasting footwear, and even incorporate waterproof technology for all-weather suitability.

Their handcrafted EMU platinum collection emphasizes this dedication, showcasing the finest sheepskin boots. They also stand out as a brand committed to ethical sourcing and holding Woolmark accreditation, reflecting authenticity and responsible practices.

EMU Australia captures the spirit of Australia in every pair of slippers. With their blend of style, comfort, and natural harmony, they create slippers that feel like a warm embrace from the land down under.

Learn more about their sustainability initiatives here.

9. Rawganique

Best Chemical-Free Organic Slippers

Rawganique's Organic and Chemical-Free Slippers Rawganique's Organic and Chemical-Free Slippers Rawganique's Organic and Chemical-Free Slippers Rawganique's Organic and Chemical-Free Slippers
Images by Rawganique

Rawganique leads the way in sustainable footwear, offering top-tier chemical-free organic slippers. Their commitment to environmental stewardship and ethical manufacturing is evident in their comfortable, chemical-free line of slippers.

Crafted with organic cotton, hemp, and natural rubber, Rawganique's slippers ensure a cozy, breathable experience. The brand's focus on natural and organic materials guarantees that each pair is free of synthetic chemicals, dyes, and pesticides, making them a truly chemical-free choice.

The lightweight Hemp House Shoes and warm Organic Cotton Fleece Slippers highlight Rawganique's ability to align footwear with eco-friendly values. The handcrafted quality and meticulous attention to detail in every pair reflect their dedication to quality and sustainability.

Beyond materials, Rawganique's commitment to chemical-free production includes ethical manufacturing and a zero-waste approach. This comprehensive dedication to sustainability distinguishes them as a leader in organic footwear.

Customers often commend Rawganique's slippers for their durability and comfort, appreciating the brand's prioritization of environmental responsibility and human health.

Learn more about their sustainability initiatives here.

10. Camper

Best Vibrant and Sustainable Indoor Footwear

Camper Customizable Sustainable Slippers Camper Customizable Sustainable Slippers Camper Customizable Sustainable Slippers Camper Customizable Sustainable Slippers
Images by Camper

Camper, a trailblazer in the footwear industry, has been walking with purpose since 1975. Their collection of slippers is a testament to innovation, sustainability, and style, all wrapped in vibrant designs.

Among their standout products are the Wabi slippers. These minimalist designs have a significant impact, handcrafted with warm, breathable wool from New Zealand and the UK. The 20% recycled rubber outsole adds to the sustainability factor, providing comfort during the coldest months. Available in 18 colors for men and 17 for women, these slippers are a cozy and responsible choice.

Camper's collaboration with Fiskars, a brand known for design-driven products, brings limited edition clogs for both men and women. Made with padded recycled neoprene uppers, these packs include foldable Fiskars scissors and champion the principles of high-quality, intuitive, and sustainable design.

Camper's commitment to creating a positive impact on people and the planet is highlighted by their B Corp certification. They focus on social and environmental responsibility, striving to create products that minimize negative effects on both society and the environment.

Additional features like the option to personalize the Wabi slippers add a unique touch, while the "Take Back" program promotes recycling and responsible consumption by offering a credit for older returned shoes.

Camper's dedication to sustainability shines through their use of natural, recycled, and recyclable materials. Their motto, "A Little Better, Never Perfect," reflects their continuous commitment to small yet consistent changes that lead towards being a better business.

Whether you're drawn to the versatile Wabi slippers or the creative Camper x Fiskars Pack, Camper's collection offers the perfect blend of innovation, color, and sustainability. With free shipping and returns, they ensure a smooth shopping experience, inviting you to explore a world of innovative and multicolored slippers, all crafted with care and a dedication to sustainability.

Learn more about their sustainability initiatives here.

How to Choose the Best Sustainable Slippers

Choosing the perfect pair of sustainable slippers is a personalized journey, guided by your values, preferences, and needs. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about aligning your choices with your beliefs. Here's how to consider your options:

Understanding Your Needs

Identify what matters to you. Is it style, comfort, or special features like a pair of slippers that are washable or one that offers indoor-outdoor usage? Know what you want, and also consider the climate you live in, as this might influence your choice of materials.

Evaluating Brands

Compare different brands, read reviews, and look for certifications that align with your values. Consider not only finding the best fit for your lifestyle but also the brand's reputation for quality and ethical practices. It's about choosing slippers that resonate with your personal preferences and principles.

Durability and Quality

Good quality slippers last a long time and offer value to your investment. Durability is not just practical; it's sustainable. Look for materials and construction that are designed to withstand wear, as this contributes to a longer lifespan.

Balancing Style and Ethics

Find the balance between aesthetics and sustainability. Whether it's luxury brands or practical options, choose slippers that reflect both your style and your commitment to responsible consumption. Consider how the design and materials resonate with your personal taste and ethical stance.

Care and Maintenance for Your Sustainable Slippers

Investing in sustainable slippers is a commendable choice, but caring for them properly ensures that they last and continue to serve you well. Regular maintenance can enhance their appearance and functionality.

Caring for your slippers is part of the responsible ownership journey. From the world's most comfortable slippers to the most practical washable options, proper care ensures that your investment in sustainability continues to pay off.

It's a commitment to quality, ethics, and environmental responsibility that goes beyond the purchase, reflecting a lifestyle choice that values sustainability at every step.

Here's how to maintain your eco-friendly footwear:

Washing Guidelines

If you've chosen washable slippers, follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning. Gentle, eco-friendly laundry detergents can help preserve the integrity of the materials, and air drying may be preferable to machine drying to maintain shape and texture.

Material-Specific Care

Different slipper materials require unique care. For example, wool slippers may need special handling compared to organic cotton slippers. Understanding the specific needs of your slippers ensures they stay in top condition.

Make sure to follow the instructions for care that are usually shown on the label or the company website, as these can provide valuable insights.

Indoor/Outdoor Usage

Most house shoes are versatile but there are many different styles of slippers based on the surfaces you use them on. While it may be okay to use indoor slippers for a quick walk outside to the trash bin or to put food scraps into your outdoor compost bin, they aren't running shoes.

Excessive outdoor use with an indoor slipper will cause it to lose its durability quicker, resulting in the need to purchase another pair. If you prefer having separate pairs for indoor and outdoor usage, like I do, there are plenty of options available.


Proper storage extends the life of your slippers. To prevent wear and tear, keep them in a cool, dry place where they are shielded from direct sunlight. This simple care step can make a significant difference in maintaining the quality and comfort of your sustainable footwear, and using a dedicated storage space can help.

Repair and Recycle

Consider repairing rather than replacing your slippers if they show signs of wear. Brands that offer the best long-lasting slippers often provide guidance on repairs or will also buy-back your old pairs to give you credits towards a new pair.

Additionally, explore recycling options if your slippers reach the end of their life. Some brands even have recycling programs, turning old slippers into new products, contributing to a circular economy.

Final Thoughts

In the pursuit of comfort and sustainability, the 10 sustainable slipper brands featured in this article offer a harmonious blend of style, ethics, and environmental responsibility.

From handcrafted wool creations to innovative designs using recycled materials, these brands are redefining the way we think about footwear. They are a testament to a global movement towards conscious consumption and a more sustainable future.

Whether you're an eco-conscious traveler looking for comfort on the road, a stay-at-home Earth lover, or someone seeking the perfect gift for a loved one, these sustainable slippers offer way more than their modern stylish looks.

They are a step towards a greener world, a stride in the right direction, and a gentle reminder that every choice we make can be a catalyst for positive change.

Embrace the comfort, celebrate the innovation, and walk the path of sustainability with confidence and style. Your feet, and the planet, will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Slippers Are Good for Your Feet?

Slippers that prioritize comfort, support, and natural materials are good for your feet. Brands like Baabuk, Dooeys, and Gumbies offer slippers designed with arch support, cushioning, and natural materials like wool, ensuring a cozy and healthy choice for your feet. Explore our top 10 sustainable slipper brands to find the perfect pair for your comfort needs.

2. Are House Slippers Worth It?

Yes, house slippers are worth the investment. Not only do they provide comfort and support for your feet at home, but they also help in maintaining cleanliness, making them a valuable addition to your home wardrobe. By choosing slippers made from sustainable and recyclable materials, you're also contributing to a greener lifestyle. Investing in a quality pair of house slippers can enhance your daily comfort while aligning with your sustainable living goals.

3. How Often Should You Change Your Bedroom Slippers?

The frequency of changing your bedroom slippers depends on their quality, usage, and material. Generally, it's advisable to replace them every 6-12 months. However, choosing slippers made from durable and sustainable materials can extend their lifespan. Regularly checking for signs of wear and tear and opting for eco-friendly brands that prioritize quality can ensure that your slippers remain functional and environmentally responsible for as long as possible.

4. Who Makes Good Quality Slippers?

Good quality slippers are produced by companies that focus on long-lasting construction, innovative design, and adherence to ethical standards. Names such as EMU Australia, Allbirds, and Kyrgies have earned reputations for creating slippers that stand the test of time, using responsibly sourced materials and employing skilled craftsmanship.

5. Is it Better to Wear Socks or Slippers at Home?

The decision to wear socks or slippers at home is subjective and can be influenced by factors such as personal comfort, the need for support, weather conditions, and individual health considerations. Some may even prefer a combination of both, wearing socks inside slippers for added warmth and comfort. Assessing your specific needs and preferences will guide you in making the best choice for your at-home footwear.

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